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Cleaning Checklist


Just for You Cleaning Checklist

Dusting and general cleaning:

  • Cobweb all rooms

  • Blinds hand
  • Dust
    and clean all pictures and mirrors, pictures are treated as mirrors
  • Dust all baseboards, will clean as far behind furniture as possible

  • Empty
    all garbage throughout your home
  • Dust
    ceiling fans, light fixtures, A/C vents, lamps and lampshades
  • Clean
    switch plates and fingerprints on surrounding area
  • Dust
    all furniture, including legs
  • Clean
    front storm door inside and out
  • Clean
    sliding glass doors, inside and out
  • Vacuum
    and/or sweep and damp mop all floors, focusing on the corners
  • Vacuum all carpets, moving all small chairs, tables, and smaller items

  • Straighten all newspapers, books, mail, magazines, etc.

  • Shake and vacuum all rugs
  • Clean mantle and fireplace

  • In
    children's areas an eco-friendly all-purpose and/or wood
    cleaner will be used


  • The kitchen will be completely disinfected

  • We
    will clean all tops, fronts, and sides of appliances
  • We
    clean all appliances and items such as coffee makers, mixers,
    etc. on counters
  • Top
    of the stove will be cleaned and disinfected with
    appropriate cleaners
  • Fingerprints
    on cabinets will be wiped clean
  • Clean
    inside and out of the microwave
  • Wipe out all stove pans

  • Clean
    all counters, if marble or granite a polish will be added once they
    are disinfected
  • Sinks
    a scrubbed with appropriate cleanser
  • Will
    sweep and/or vacuum the kitchen floors, focusing on corners


  • All bathrooms will be disinfected

  • Toilets are cleaned inside and out including outside of the bowl and the base; a pumice stone is used to remove permanent rings inside of the toilet

  • Showers
    are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, including tiles, tile
    ledges, soap dishes, and showerhead
  • Scrub
    and disinfect tub inside and out
  • Scrub
    all floors with appropriate cleanser, focusing on the corners
  • Each
    room is completed before leaving and all items are put back where